The Story of The Good Grub

I, Chloe, went vegan on 18th November 2020, slap-bang in the middle of lockdown. I got crazy bored and started posting recipe reels and photos of my dinner to my Instagram (@plantbased_chloe) which weirdly gained a lot of attention!

In January 2022, I fancied dinner out and sent a message to a vegan pub in Hastings asking if they were open. They told me their chef had just left and their kitchen was closed until further notice.

My response: I’ll come and cook for you hahaha

Their response: Lol okay come in for a chat

So I went in for a chat and the next weekend somehow cheffed up 37 vegan fry-ups for the Hastings locals. No experience, no training, no idea what was going on or how I‘d managed to find myself in this position, but I loved it! I stayed at the pub cooking up grub every Friday and Saturday, officially launching The Good Grub on 4th April 2022!

Then I bought a restaurant...

After 8 fabulous months at the pub, I hopped around Hastings and Bexhill popping up here, there and everywhere.

Then on 28th December one of my lovely customers sent me a message: This would be perfect for you *Image Attached*

A very cute, little vegan restaurant was up for sale in Eastbourne. I enquired and got the sale details sent through which I forwarded to my mum at 2am with no context. I didn’t expect a response, and I definitely didn’t expect her and dad to sit me down and tell me it was a good idea, let’s go for a viewing!!

On 2nd January 2023, we headed over to 12 Compton Street and had a look around. I put an offer in before we even got out the door and the phone call came in that evening.


After a lot of stress, sweat and tears (A LOT of tears), I got the keys on 15th June! I woke up at 3am that day and went to sleep at 3am the next day. Walls were painted, stock was bought, menus were printed, salad was chopped... And at 5pm on Saturday 1st July 2023, The Good Grub opened.

Oh! Then in April 2024 I decided I wasn't working hard enough so I bought a 30 year old army ambulance and transformed it into a fully-functioning, vegan food truck! Here's to the next big adventure!